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Well....Went for the toyota Yaris~!

September 12th, 2006 at 01:27 pm

After a huge amount of research we decided on the toyota yaris liftback.
stripped. The search was on.......
I bet ya I contacted 9 dealers and well I do not enjoy the dealers that talk the talk and lie because I would rather spend 1000.00 more for a car that an 1/2 honest person was trying to sell me and give him a bit of commission that go with a crook!
Now morels and budget tend to differ a bit but I am that type. Found finally a blue one! In russellville. It was about an hour from hubbys work and we went and looked at it August 10th, 2006 bought it that day because the salesman was up-front and had a nnormall range price.
I have to give this little car an A+
So far my calculations avg. 41 miles to the gallon. Boy! That alone is a nice change from 15 miles to the gallon! It is tiny, but it is only used for hubby's work travel so it is ok. Hubby was paying anywhere from 120.00 to 145.00 a week in work only travel gas and now it is knocked down to aaaaaaaaauuuuu
$31.00 a week.
That is a savings of appoix 100.00 a week.
We paid 12,500 for the yaris but it had a couple more bells and whistles on it that we wanted but they were useful so we didn't bark!~ Hubby will sure love the rear window defroster come cold weather! and He never had a CD player so that help sell the car to him!
I borrowed 2500.00 from my dad because of course as you read before we are broke!
It has been a month, and we have managed to pay insurance 339.00 for 6 months
taxes $875.00 1st car note 200.00
and tags 25.00
I also took on two more saturday runs so I could pick up 100.00 or so in the plus cash flow side. hubby got a couple extra hours to boot!
So all that stress paid off maybe I am a worrier by nature but it seems that If I research something long enough I come out better.
My car has 4200.00 left on it and well Hubbys yaris is 10,000
With what we are saving in gas costs we should be able to pay dad back, pay insurance, and pay car note without ever taking an extra dime from the checkbook!
So today is a good day! Now to find the next challenge to take on!
The one pictured is blazing blue we got a gray-blue one. Called Bayou Blue..

5 Responses to “Well....Went for the toyota Yaris~!”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Oh good for you guys!!

    I hate when they break the piggy on their commercial!! So unkind! And for me it's counterintuitive...why would you advertise your car breaking the bank??????????

    Sounds like great gas mileage is adding up to more More MORE dollars in your pigster!

  2. moneycents Says:

    Lots of luck with your new car! Wow that gas mileage sounds terrific.

  3. kadunk Says:

    We checked out the Yaris two weeks ago, when we were car-shopping. I loved it! The backseat would fit two carseats (one for the boy, one for the one on the way) if we needed to, but the car was due to be my DH's commuter vehicle and only a family vehicle in an emergency back-up situation.

    We didn't end up buying it because my StepMom had a 2005 Hyundai Elantra with only 5k miles that she'd sell us for $11k at 5% rather than the Yaris' 13k at 6.5%. The fuel efficiency costs would even out after six years, we calculated, so the Elantra was better for now.

    The next car is definitely either the Yaris or something comprable, though. Enjoy yours!


  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    An excellent choice!

    I wouldn't mind having a Yaris for my next car... if I can find one used. I prefer slightly used cars. Smile

  5. puppypal Says:

    LuxLiving = I too thought the commerical was a bit off centered! But with commericals the way they are no a days they ten to one knew what they were doing and was doing it because it grabbed your attention.

    Moneycents = Hubby filled up at an off beaten gas station yesterday. Grand total $25.03 to fill the tank up. I will no doubt be working (them) numbers when he asks for mo-money for gas next week!

    Kadunk= That one was on our list too. But when we went to check out the advertised priced one we got this he-haw soooo bad and the car
    dealership put another MSRP sticker next to the orginal and made the price soar. We had a horrible time with that type of car's dealership. My experiance with Elantra dealers in Arkansas was the worst! But since you bought yours from a reliable source I am sure it was way more pleasent than ours!

    BrokenArrow = They have been making the yaris all over the world for several years now. That is where I got a huge amount of my information on the reliability of this car. Toyota just introduced it to the US as a 2007 model. Another stubbling block when trying to talk the talk about price and find the right equpped one. I bet since toyota is phasing out the Eco you will be able to pick up a used Yaris in a couple years.

    Everyone = I am seriously thinking toward a yaris sedan at this point. My PT crusier get a whooping 26 miles to the gallon and prices are not going down anytime soon. Funny thing is I teased hubby about his 15 miles to the gallon his truck was getting bragging on my PT.. Who is eating Crow NOW!

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