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Sometimes I really wonder if Hunting ever comes out profitable!

October 24th, 2006 at 06:47 am

My Dh being the deer hunter he is couldn't wait til Muzzleloader season was open so he could rush right down and hunt bambi! OK fine! I have handled this through the years because the deer meat has helped the budget. Well this year so fair DH has went twice . Once with bio-son and bio-son came back with 103.7 fever and off to the doctor we went! He missed two days of school and antibotics puffers and cough meds totaled 75.00
Also the alternater went out and that cost 300.00
So last weekend DH went by himself! Came back from camp no deer but two broke ribs!
So off to the doctor again, meds and doctor visits and missed work this week totals so far 400.00
Poor! DH! He can't win for losing this week!