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Fighting the good Fight: AUTO wise

August 8th, 2006 at 02:35 pm

Well, finally got in tough with Ralph....EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW It doesn't sound good! Dh truck is no doubt a liability considering the
NO AIR=600.00 wrecked front=2000.00
and the durn thing does nothing but screams MORE GAS MORE GAS!
Dh drives 500 miles weekly to work.
So taking all that into
account--->This truck is costing us a small fortune......
We placed a sign on it and a ad in the paper...Fixer Upper Best offer!
So I have been rimmed a new one so to speak as far as
researching, pricing, dealing with dealers(YUCK) etc.

That is why I haven't been here.

New vs Used...Loan rates...insurance

what MPG really means...7yr/70,000
what is and not covered

what real invoice is...
what are real charges(what aren't)

I am stilling floating through it all.

I am also doing the almighty straining budget...Or disapprearing budget per say!
I have came up with a few Dollars...here and there. Like the major one of gas saving costs and paying the mechanic NOT

Also interest charges are way lower for New Vs used no matter if it is 2 yr or whatever...My figures say that considering DH major mile tracker new is the way to go. I would hate to pay for something 5 yrs that died yr four!
Cars in the running

Toyota Yaris 5 speed Manual 1.6
Best choice if I can find one w/o all the bells and whistles This one gets max at 40mpg forum of yaris owners say it gets between 36 - 40 hwy so far!

Kio Rio 5 speed manual 1.8
max 38 mpg forum reads 32mpg max
Salesman PO'ed me so bad showing me the dealer sticker that sits along side the MSRP sticker and well I will never buy from them because they have every trick they know of to play folks!
Normally equiped with POWER Package
another 2300.00 can't find a stripped one with air! Go figure!

Chevy Aveo manual same air conditioner NOT standard~!! 36 mpg forum says 2006 only got 31mpg

Honda Versa
about the same 34 mpg only a couple folks post toward this one and they are disappointed in the miledge!

Checked out them Hybrids and well the battery that you will have to buy costs a small fortune and has to be replaced like 5 yrs Not to mention the normal price size for size is major up there and the tax right off an't what it should be!
So as you all can tell this pup is pooped! Tired and even a bit hung up wet. I wish I lived back in the time when your word was gold and you knew what folks say is the truth! Sad world we live in when everyone shoots you one line of ___ after another!

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