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Up-Date to Sucky week from Well You'all KNOW!

July 26th, 2006 at 01:59 pm

Well, I figured since I am a newbe here and I recieved some very nice replys from folks that don't know me I would give ya a bit of an Up-date to the Soap opera "Drama of Tranportation"! LOL
Finally Friday afternoon, we managed to beg DH's brother to get his Car Hauler thingy and go get the truck! I reckon' in one way, you can see the positive in all this because Dh's truck wasn't touched!
DH then took it down to a guy in town that seems to be cheaper but slower than the rest!
To this day I have yet to find out what is wrong with it! But I am crossing my fingers as I type.
Paid the thing off in 2000
We rebuilt the engine in 10/2003
Post of cost 1800.00 but since Dh managed to mess it up Threw a couple rods into something if I can remember right?
So we ended up bending way over (LOL) and paying 3000.00 for all the needed work. See, they had me OPPS! DH by my _______ it would have cost 1500.00 to stop at that point and call it a learning experiance....Couldn't afford to rush out and buy another so I figured at the time a couple thousand is better than new!
BOY! this was the wrong way to go. Worked in the past several times but read on.....
DH hit that deer in November 2003
Not to mention he totalled my beat up truck 94 silverado.
Pine Tree vs Truck
Pine Tree 3
Truck 0
Ended up having a car payment anyhow! But I managed to get it at 5% and put 4000.00 down in June of 2004 and now only have 4500.00 left to pay! See the end in sight there!
NOW: Back to the truck!
Put a new Transmission in the thing
around May 2004 because we figured the engine cost hadn't benefited at that point.
November 2004
Power steering pump
Now this. At the engine rebuilting point we had to put a new clutch in the thing anyway.....
So I pray it is just that and not the whole transmission.
I am going to call Ralph

1 Responses to “Up-Date to Sucky week from Well You'all KNOW!”

  1. Bookie Says:

    Well, I can certainly approve of the dinner menu. Sounds delish . . .

    But I don't think I'd lend you my truck. . . Smile Man, what a tale!

    Good luck.

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