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Last weekend was a spending to save weekend

July 17th, 2006 at 05:27 am

It was such a great weekend. Since I have two teen boys and they are not anything like each other expecially size wise I found several things for them last weekend that I put up for school clothes. Since I have redneck rough and tough boys that love the woods and 4-wheeler etc. I tend to buy better made clothes not for brand but for dependability. I found 4 pair of shorts to start school in and they were only 7.99 each. With Names like John St. Bay and Plugg they will stay everything my kids dish out. 2 yard sales had .50 cent tee-shirt which were also a good brand that will fit right into the shorts days. I found 3 yards of beautiful matterial for 1.00 also that will be made into curtians for by french doors in the kitchen. I aso stocked my present closet a bit with several pair of trinket jewelry and .10 cents and .50 cents was the max. Even One pair of ear rings still had the price on it of 25.00 sterling silver! So I felt I did pretty well considering I didn't want to waste too much gas in the process.

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