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Well, a Bit brighter outlook today!

July 13th, 2006 at 10:19 am

i found this great site and it has already helped a huge amount. I was looking for an outlet as sorts to saving, and tightwadding and I think I have broke the normal barriers. I have read I think every book in the Library on saving, tightwadding, and penny pitching but same ol' same old as sorts. Here has opened my eyes to a couple new tricks.
I love the post about where you were at 15 years ago. It brightened my day and made me realize that I have indeed come a long way. Flash-back 15 yrs......Major Broke moment....To say the least. The post made me realize that I have something now compared to then. I own a home....I drive a good car....My kids don't do completely without, and last but not least No credit card debt do we have!
So other that a car note and house note we owe for nothing as such. So thanks to the one that made my day and that posted that thread! Hats off. So we are in the botton income bracket! We are a lot higher than 15 yrs ago. Glad I found you all!

1 Responses to “Well, a Bit brighter outlook today!”

  1. ima saver Says:

    Welcome Glenda. I made that thread. I just came across some paper work showing that I had a grand total of $25,000 in mutual funds, Ira's and savings and I was pretty proud of that.
    I just started investing in 1988 and that was my grand total for 1989. (I did already have an IRA from 1984 which was most of my money) I kept on saving everything I could and now I am completely out of debt except for some investment property and my car. I have a lot in savings now, but I am still plugging away!

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