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This is what low income is!

July 12th, 2006 at 05:21 pm

July 12, 2006

Well, today is one of them, broke days where you get a bit depressed on life in general. Being a mom to a teen age boy is the easiest part of it all. I have raised him to believe it isn't what you wear that makes you, YOU. It is what you do and how your react that always manages to make you come out on top. So far so Good there. He has a wonderful girlfriend and she is somewhat cautious of her spending. So that helps.
Now on the other side of the fence there is my SS who basically believes style is everything and popular is the most important thing in the world. Going to the right parties throwing them himself...etc. I like to call him my Abercrombie and Finch Profit maker!
At least he isn't here full-time because BOY would he have a rude awaking.
Dh is starting to get the # of our Budget! I actually had to step on THEM man toes and make him realize full face that after we pay weekly child support and his gas to get to and from work we have a WHOOPING 186.00 a week that isn't 800.00 a month.
I make 1400.00 a month PERIOD!
It takes most of that to pay for my car note house note electricity, phone, water gas bill, drugs and dr. car & house insurance Personal property taxes,
not to mention the house note which I might add we couldn't have afforded if my father didn't carry the morgage. it is 565.00
we manage I reckon....
I basically pay all the bills and we live off what Dh brings in and I try my best to save for disasters like car repair etc. But the cost of milk is terrible so we do without. I am trying real hard to minize the bills as best as possible. I found an extra 5.00 a month lowering my bills by taking off private # on my land line. Also no cable....
My car only has 5000.00 left and hopefully we can get DH a car cheaply.
Well that about sums it up......

4 Responses to “This is what low income is!”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Welcome! Enterlacing family, step-family and finances can be tricky. The key is for you and DH to have a plan and goals to keep you on track! Looking forward to hearing more of your journey!

  2. flinnie Says:

    Belive me I know what low income is.
    I am single no kids but,Iwork for a school as a maid .
    I have pets and lots of bills.
    The pets are worth it they are my babies.

    I get payed once a month and the pay is only 7.99 per hour.
    once a month pay is very hard.

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    Sounds like your stepson may have some low self-esteem issues. Be patient and give him love. My boys were stepsons in my ex's family, and there was a lot of pain there. All ok now, and just for the record, I think my ex's wife is a pretty fine lady.

  4. ima saver Says:

    Good luck, hope things get easier!

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